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Portal 2: How to reset your co-op progress

It is possible! Now you can play with your friends without fear of having the game ruined for them or vice versa. I honestly don’t know why this isn’t a menu option, but writes with a solution:

You CAN start over.. (it’s a bit advanced yet easy) :D

If you’re not familiar with the developer console read this:Enable Developer Console in:Options -> Keyboard/Mouse -> Allow Developer ConsoleThen go back to the main menu and press the ‘~’-key.(if the key isn’t working, like if you don’t have an english keyboard, then go to:Options -> Keyboard/Mouse -> Edit Keys/Buttons -> Miscellaneous -> Toggle Developer Consoleand set it to a key that works, I just used F1).

Open up the console and type:


and press the enter-key and exit the console.

Now when you host (invite someone to play) a game, you start from stratch! :)

The link above to StackExchange Gaming has a more detailed explanation.

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    I will have to try this sometime. Because it’s stupid that you can only play through the campaign once.
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